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Hitmix  Bingo  is a music bingo game with a twist!

With Hitmix Bingo, instead of crossing off numbers, you cross off the title and artist of music clips as you hear them. Every song is personally selected by me, spanning six decades so there's something for everyone.

We have loads of rounds to play: choose from Top 20 Hits 1960s to now, decade rounds, boy bands, party hits, and lots more. You can book a whole evening of Hitmix Bingo, or have it as an after SpeedQuizzing add-on.

Contact Owen now for details on 0800 246 1560

Don't recognise a song? No problem: every song is displayed on TV screens with its accompanying video, and the title and artist are shown at the bottom of the screen. Now no one needs to miss the clip that will give you that vital full house!

As an experienced party and video DJ with a huge selection of music videos, I choose ONLY songs for each game of Hitmix Bingo that have a chorus you can sing along to. This creates a fantastic atmosphere for a great night out!

Looking for the liveliest night out your customers have ever had? Give me a call about Hitmix Bingo or SpeedQuizzing today!

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